Age of Empires 2 is the best ?

As you may already be aware, numerous Age of Empires video games have been released so far, but the first edition was released in 1997. Since then, there have been a lot of fascinating improvements and new features, but if you want to know which AoE is the best, I recommend playing AoE 2. but i am not the only one who is saying this other people also say that AoE2 is better than AoE3. so we will cover that thing as well.

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What is Age of Empires

Most young people these days are obsessed with gaming, and you can see that many of them prefer playing on their mobile devices. There are many games available for Android and iOS, but when it comes to PC gaming, names like The AoE and many other well-known games come to mind.

AoE1 was originally released in 1997, so you can imagine how old it is and how relevant it is to gamers today. This occurred because AoE2 gained more and more popularity despite the fact that their new edition came out over the years.

AoE Over the Years

  • Age of Empire
  • Age of Empires-2
  • Age of Empires-3
  • Age of Empires-4

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