what are google webstories

This post may help you to understand how people are making money from Google Webstories and I will guide you step by step procedure to do that, so if you have interest on it let’s dive into it. and learn about what are Google Webstories and how to make money from it.

As you already know, short form content is really popular right now, which is why google launched this new feature called “web stories,” where you can publish short form content as you can do on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

you need to develop some short form content like we do on Instagram here by creating slides, writing text on them, and adding images. However, this is completely different from what we do on Instagram because you can monetize your work and make money from it.

Creating a Google Web Story

There is a step-by-step procedure to follow when creating a Google web story. First, you need a website where you would publish web stories. Next, you need hosting in order to build a website or blog. At this point, you have already purchased hosting. Install WordPress now, and you’ll also need a few plugins if you intend to make webstories.

Google Web Stories’s Advantages

As you are aware, when blogging initially became popular, Google began promoting websites. Because webstories are a new feature, you may get increased traffic similar to what we experienced earlier. Google will promote your work more and more because Google Stories is a new feature.

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